The landscaping industry is huge, with an annual growth of around 1 percent, and an annual revenue of around 4 billion.

There are many components that make up a good landscape design. Ranging from plant types to the desired aesthetics and environmental sustainability. There is often considered two main types of landscape design, hardscape and softscape.

– Landscape design typically involves a lot of attention to detail, artistic expertise and vision from conceptual stages through to the final construction.

– Landscape architecture is typically more urban planning, including domains such as parks and corporate landscapes.

Often both landscape architects and landscape designers practice landscape design.

Most landscape designers have interests in gardening either personally or professionally, and this is the reason they are involved in the profession.

Image below shows the front of a large country house, with circular driveway. This allows for cars to drive continuously without having to reverse. Located in the middle of the driveway is a large decorated fountain.

Urban driveway landscape

The image below shows a patio area behind a house. he patio consists of cobble stones, with a low wall curving around one side. A fire pit has been constructed with a seating area.

The video below shows some areal footage taken with a drone of some magnificent landscaping.


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