Hair loss effects more than half of men and one in ten women worldwide. This can lead to emotion distress and a negative self-image. However thankfully this is easily treatable, through surgery, a hair transplant.

The video below shows Chris Poole 3005 graft FUT hair transplant results

Most modern hair transplantation techniques can result in hair that looks 100% natural and perfect restoration spreads, as shown in the two images below. Currently, hair transplantation is the most common way to treat hair loss.

male hair transplant

Before and after a hair transplant procedure

Image above shows views before and 6 months after a procedure.

For some, numerous individuals around the globe, hair loss is a major issue to them. It can bring about weakness, low self-regard and depression. Hair loss, for example, diminishing or the subsiding of a hair line can happen at numerous ages. For more youthful individuals, this is clearly a greater amount of an issue as they may consider it to be an indication of maturing rapidly. Indeed, even through hair loss happens significantly more often in men than ladies, it is still an expansive issue for a considerable measure of ladies. Ladies are under a great deal of social and media weight to look great.


Alopecia Areata influences 2 individuals in each 1000 in the UK, this is a sever instance of hair loss. It implies no scalp hair, in spite of the fact that there is another sort that implies no scalp or body hair.

Alopecia Areata causes bald patches on the scalp, around the size of a large coin. In most cases, the hair grows back within a few months, however it sometimes grows back fine and white first before returning to its normal state.Much of the time, the hair becomes back within a couple of months, however sometimes it develops back fine and white first before coming back to its ordinary state.

The condition is brought on by an issue with the immune system and is basic among individuals who have other autoimmune conditions such as hyperthyroidism, Down’s syndrome and Diabetes.


In the past hair transplants were only used for men, however with new techniques emerging, it is also becoming more widely available for women.

Image result for hair transplant before and after women

Before and after a hair transplant procedure

Image above shows views before and 6 months after a procedure. Again with phenomenal results!


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